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Vitality Toolkits

3 FUN ways to bring more RAIN, VITALITY & PEACE to Your Place with these Vitality Toolkits!

For Country, Kids & You

These Vitality Toolkits have been developed to support Young People and Teachers to be Inspired by their Nature and see themselves as part of a Big Picture for their Lives – and integrate a higher sense of Belonging and Purpose.

FUN ways to bring more RAIN, VITALITY & PEACE to Your Place!

Vitality Toolkits – 3 toolkits available as Downloadable Files or Hard Copy with Tools, Tips, Templates & Techniques, MP3 or templates for PC or MAC for Schools, Councils & Communities

1. Rain Songs Toolkit – 8 songs on CD or MP3

Rainmaking Toolkit, Rain Dance, Talks, Workshops


Singing Up the Land…for Country Kids & You.

Bring FUN & VITALITY to Your Place!

Lyrics & MP3 downloads on the website or order CD & Toolkit here –  PRODUCTS

2. Event Planner – Dance for the Trees ® Toolkit

Dances, Dinners, Concerts, Cabarets, Parties, Picnics, Events

Help Create &/or Join the Biggest Party on the Planet!

Free Details & Resources at https://danceforthetrees.com or See the Events Toolkit HERE  – PRODUCTS

3. Big Picture Toolkit


Peacing Our World Together

Australian Visions “Big Pictures Project” – for Peacing Our World Together. Art, Photo & Vision Statements are invited & published as “Big Picture” Poster Maps, on the Internet and in the Australian Visions Book. Earn income for your school!

Resources incl toolkit (see below) & coaching/workshops. See PRODUCTS

3 Toolkits available – CLICK HERE – PRODUCTS