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One trillion trees have been re-grown, saved from loss, and better protected around the world by 2050, thanks to determined and collective action by all sectors of society.



Trillion Trees Australia Vision

Vision – “A world in which all people recognise the value of trees”

Trillion Trees Australia based in Perth, emerged from Men of the Trees (the worlds first and largest tree planting organization since 1922)

They say – “We are a self funding Not for Profit organisation founded in 1979 (formerly known as Men of The Trees).

Our head quarters is located at St Barbe Grove, Lot 2 Stirling Crescent (Cnr Amherst Road) in Hazelmere Western Australia.

We have planted more than 15 million native trees & understory to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion. Members, sponsors, donors, community and corporate volunteers have been part of this important work. Join us!”

See https://trilliontrees.org.au/


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