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Become an Event or Festival Organizer

Become an Event or Festival Organizer

Download the eBook – Earn-Income-from-Nature-Based-Community-Events

Song and Dance have always been an essential part of traditional cultures. They are expressions of E-Motion, meaning energy in motion, which is what creates. Indigenous cultures “sing and dance up the land and nature” – to maintain abundance and good times. Quantum Physics reminds us we live is a Universe of dancing electrons, so this book is about organizing some of these with song and dance to enable more of us to express joy, and to Connect, Create and Celebrate.

Nature is an essential aspect of our lives and has been celebrated throughout human history. From ancient cultures that revered natural elements like the sun, moon, and stars, to modern societies that enjoy hiking in the woods and watching birds at the park, we have always had a connection to the natural world. Today, this connection is more important than ever as we face a rapidly changing environment and a growing awareness of the impacts of human activity on the planet.

By celebrating local nature, we can not only appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world, but also learn about the importance of preserving and protecting it.

Dance for the Trees provides tools, templates, resources, coaching and assistance with funding to help support people like you, to develop and deliver income earning events that celebrate local nature ….

Profit or Non Profit ?

Many existing events are organized as non-profit events, often for tax purposes, but this does not mean people are not paid. Income earned can be dispersed as fees and earnings to managers and staff, donations to Nature care organizations or many other ways.

Think of PROFIT as being Pro-”fit for purpose”. Without fitness for purpose nothing survives. Aim for profit, and share the benefits.

Join the Party with Dances, Dinners, Concerts, Cabarets, Parties, Picnics, Fun, Festivals & Community Events

Download the eBook – Earn-Income-from-Nature-Based-Community-Events

Trillion Trees Australia Vision

Trillion Trees Australia Vision

Vision – “A world in which all people recognise the value of trees”

Trillion Trees Australia based in Perth, emerged from Men of the Trees (the worlds first and largest tree planting organization since 1922)

They say – “We are a self funding Not for Profit organisation founded in 1979 (formerly known as Men of The Trees).
Our head quarters is located at St Barbe Grove, Lot 2 Stirling Crescent (Cnr Amherst Road) in Hazelmere Western Australia.
We have planted more than 15 million native trees & understory to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion. Members, sponsors, donors, community and corporate volunteers have been part of this important work. Join us!”

See https://trilliontrees.org.au/